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    20032003,林炎成*, 黃立仁, 2003, “陶瓷線切割放電加工特性研究”, 中州學報, Vol.18, pp.69-84.,18,pp69-84 (其他)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20022002,45,pp1791- (SCI)HSIEH,YA-I
    20022002,45,pp1033- (SCI)HSIEH,YA-I
    20022002,林炎成, 黃立仁, 2002, “超硬合金放電加工特性之研究”, 中州學報, Vol.15 pp.31-52.,15,pp31-52 (其他)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20022002,林炎成, 黃立仁, 2002, “高速鋼放電加工特性之研究”, 中州學報, Vol.16, pp.89-102.,16,pp89-102 (其他)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20022002,Biing-Hwa Yan, Yan-Cherng Lin, Fuang-Yuan Huang, 2002, “Surface modification of Al-Zn-Mg alloy by combined electrical discharge machining with ball burnish machining”, International Journal of Machine tools and Manufacture, Vol. 42, (2002), pp.925-934. (SCI/EI),42,pp925-934 (SCI),(EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20012001,黃立仁, 黃立伍, 林炎成, 2001, “利用超音波振動來改善放電加工性能研究”, 技術學刊, Vol.16, No.3, pp.431-441.,16,3,pp431-441 (其他)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20012001,Yan-Cherng Lin, Biing-Hwa Yan, Fuang-Yuan Huang, 2001, “Surface modification of Al-Zn-Mg aluminum alloy using combined process of EDM with USM”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol.115, pp.359-366. (SCI/EI; NSC 88-2212-E-008-004),115,pp359-366 (SCI),(EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20012001,Biing-Hwa Yan, Yan-Cherng Lin, Fuang-Yuan Huang and Chen-Hung Wang, 2001, “Surface modification of SKD 61 during EDM with metal powder in the dielectric”, Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.42, No.12, pp.2597-2604. (SCI/EI),42,12,pp2597-2604 (SCI),(EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    2001Yan-Cherng Lin, Biing-Hwa Yan, Fuang-Yuan Huang, 2001, “Surface improvement using a combined electrical discharge machining (EDM) with ball burnish machining (BBM) based on Taguchi method”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.18 (2001), No.9, pp.673-682. (SCI/EI),18,9,pp673-682 (SCI),(EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
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