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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20142014,2,29,pp161-171 (EI)WANG,DE-AN
    20142014,620,pp472-475 (EI)CHEN,YUAN-FENG
    20142014,15,6,pp1143-1148 (SCI)CHEN,YUAN-FENG
    20142014,620,pp173-178 (EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20142014,620,pp472-475 (EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20142014,15,6,pp1095-1100 (SCI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20142014,15,6,pp1143-1148 (SCI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20142014,479-480,pp86-90 (EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    20142014,A-Cheng Wang , Ken-Chuan Cheng, Kuan-Yu Chen, Yan-Cherng Lin, 2013, Enhancing the surface precision for the helical passageways in abrasive flow machining, Materials and Manufacturing Processes. (Accepted) (SCI/EI),29,pp153-159 (SCI),(EI)LIN,YAN-CHENG
    201439,pp121-130 (SCI)CHEN,FU-MOU
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