Graduate Program: Master Degree




This institute unifies both the faculty and equipment from the following departments of the Engineering College: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Automation Engineering, and Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The strategy is to develop technology and academic research focused on: “advanced vehicle technique”, “precision machinery”, “ mechatronic engineering integration and production automation” as well as “industrial operation and management”, to promote the expertise and competitiveness of vehicle and mechatronic industry.


II. Faculty

At present, there are 36 members of the faculty in Graduate School of Vehicle and Mechatronic Industry, including 1 professors, 3 associate professors and 3 assistant professor, as well as 7 professors, 19 associate professors, and 3 assistant professors coorperated with the institute from College of Engineering.


III. Curriculum planning

(1) Techniques of Advanced Vehicle

To cultivate professionals in advanced vehicle power system, substitute fuel system, design and development of essential vehicle components, hybrid power system of electrical vehicle, development of gerontic vehicle, dynamic analysis and control of intelligent vehicle.

(2) Techniques of Precision Machinery

To cultivate talents who specialize in R&D of precision machinery and essential optomechatronic components associated with the following mainstream industries: precision machining, optomechatronic, semiconductor, information technology, and biomedical technology.

(3) Mechatronic Engineering Integration and Production Automation

To cultivate professionals in the fields of mechatronic engineering integration and production automation, automation care-giving of gerontic technology, R&D in medical assistant implements and equipment for the elder.

(4) Industrial Operation and Management

To cultivate professionals in industrial operation and management which includes knowledge, technical and process management, quality control, material shipping management and E-tech, as well as the operation and management of automotive factories.


IV. Research & Academic-Industrial Cooperation

The institute conducts the major academic-industrial cooperation through “the Innovation Center of Vehicle and Mechatronic Industry”. The motorcycle and small gasoline-engine powers as well as the exhaust emission test were established in the first stage to develop EFI fuel injection system, substitute fuel system, and reduction of exhaust emission. The aim is to carry out the certified test for which industry develops the clean engine. Furthermore, the development of gerontic vehicles and carriers is incorporated with Innovation Center of Medical Technology. The curriculums of interdisciplinary associated with precision manufacturing techniques, mechanic-electronic devices of vehicle, innovation and design…etc. are arranged. In addition, the R&D platform of robot, the equipment of micro-processor, and electrically controlled instruments have been constructed to improve the capability of R&D. We encouraged faculty to conduct the academic-industrial cooperation projects announced from governmental or private organizations, and to transform the research achievements into teaching materials to have students acquired professional knowledge and new techniques; we also encouraged faculty to apply patent with their research achievements and to transfer their techniques to industry, to promote the ideas of Intellectual Property and Patent. Moreover, we also devote to promoting the quality and quantity of academic research and technology development.


V. Prospective

The characteristic of the institute will focus on teaching and research of “advanced vehicle”, “precision machinery”, “mechatronic engineering integration and production automation” as well as “industrial operation and management”. It will integrate with the faculty and the equipment from departments under College of Engineering: Department of Automation Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Consequently, the colleagues will be able to cooperate, share experience, learn and grow towards the common goals and to cultivate the professionals associated with vehicle and mechatronic industry. Moreover, we will solve the problems which the development of Gerontic technology as well as vehicle and mechatronic industry is encountered, eventually to enhance the global competitiveness of the industries.

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